Monday, June 4, 2012


Many baby boomers are divorced, widowed or never married.  With the advent of online dating sites and social media, single men and women boomers are finding love in all the right places.  When love comes at our age, it comes with a lifetime of baggage from both partners.   Commingling two different personalities is bound to cause clashes at times, but we all want love and companionship as we go into our golden years.  Relationships are often based on emotions, and when those fiery emotions wear off after marriage, conflicts can arise.

Several points help marriages survive, whether you’ve been married for years or whether you’re newly married.  The first one, communication, requires exchange.  You need to listen, as well as talk, in order to truly communicate.  Let your spouse know what you’re feeling.  Don’t bottle up anger and resentment. 

Don’t expect your spouse to complete you.  Replace any selfishness and insecurity left over from previous relationships with gratitude, appreciation and patience.  There’s a degree of sacrifice inherent in anything worthwhile; marriage is no different.

Treat your spouse well and expect to be treated well in return.  The purpose of marriage is for companionship and procreation.  At our age procreation is off the table, so commit to being a loving, intimate companion, facing any obstacles or challenges that arise together, as some surely will.  There may be issues with blended families, physical or mental deterioration, financial crises, the list goes on and on.  Meet your partner’s needs with an attitude of love and a willingness to accept and tolerate minor faults and imperfections.  Each partner is unique and has his own ideas, so it is natural to have different opinions.

Enjoy the golden years!

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