Saturday, December 29, 2012

Boomers and Digestion

As we grow older, we often have more digestive issues.  Some stem from stress while others may have as the origin poor eating habits over a long period of time.  Sensitivity to food, burping, gas and distention are all symptomatic of gastrointestinal troubles, which sometimes may be curbed with exercise, healthy foods and positive thinking.

I recently realized that I was sensitive to gluten.  Having gone through years of digestive distress, someone suggested that I might benefit from a gluten-free diet.  I began that same day and the symptoms disappeared within a couple days.  I couldn’t believe it!  I had suffered for several years and neither my doctor nor anyone else ever mentioned that as a possibility.  When I asked my physician, he tested me for Celiac disease; fortunately, I didn’t have the disease.  I have been feeling so much better since I began the gluten-free diet that I will remain on it.

It’s difficult sometimes when I eat out at restaurants or other people’s homes, but I try to avoid foods that I suspect might have gluten.  In addition to breads, cereals, pastas, etc., gluten can be used as a binder, flavor enhancer and thickener.  If you are sensitive to gluten, be careful with foods that you wouldn’t ordinarily suspect as having wheat, or one of the other culprit grains, as an ingredient, such as gravy or processed foods.  I’m not sure how reliable the gluten-free claims are.  I recently purchased gluten-free cookie mix and had a digestive reaction when I ate the cookies. 

I have absolutely no medical knowledge regarding gluten; I’m simply reporting on my experience.  If you think you might have this problem, see your doctor.

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