Thursday, April 18, 2013

6th Excerpt in Boomerang

This “blog hopping” excerpt has lots of imagery and is the 6th one from Boomerang, the first novella in the GIRLFRIENDS trilogy.  Mary Jo and Melanie are planning the various themed suites in the mansion of “The Better Way.” 

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They met with the contractor who was going to change the interior into their fantasy.  He had come highly recommended, and they were very happy with him, but they also recognized that the task was a daunting one.  The contractor said that some of the things they wanted were only possible in their dreams.  It was always a halleluiah moment when they found a way to bring to reality the fantasy of their dreams, such as the space-age suite where everything was computer generated.
For the Victorian-era room, they scoured vintage stores across the country to find authentic fabrics and furniture to give the ambience of an old English manor with butler, valet and lady- in-waiting dressed in period costume.  The marble bathroom had intricately carved molding, ornate faucets with a bear-claw tub and heavy, tied-back brocade drapes at the window.  The bedroom area included a coffered ceiling and dark walnut hardwood floors covered mostly by a 3-inch thick, tightly woven area rug.  The doors were replaced with taller, heavier ones sporting brass knockers and door knobs.  A large wood-burning fireplace was topped with a wall-size tapestry of Queen Victoria on a fox hunt with the hounds and a bugler in tow.   Gas sconces and a large bed raised on a platform with a step ladder to facilitate the climb completed the ensemble.

A favorite of Mary Jo’s was the garden room.  Not only did it have custom wallpaper featuring all of the flowers that were in the garden, it also had a trellis-enclosed bed with fresh roses sprinkled on it daily.  The large, soaker tub was elevated in a gazebo-style enclosure with hand-made soaps, plush towels and a wine bar within easy reach.  It overlooked a private garden that had urns, gnomes, fountains, birds and flowering plants and shrubs which the bride could access from the stairs off the private balcony.   There was a hammock for a relaxing nap with a bell to call for refreshments at any time.
All of the suites were works of art and Melanie and Mary Jo oversaw every aspect to make them into what they envisioned.


  1. Wow, thanks Lillian. I enjoyed that. Look forward to reading more.

    Hope you get time to visit my blog - I have a short extract from my just-released novel up today in the BoomerLitFriday - Let Angels Fly.

    thanks, cheers
    Noelle Clark

  2. That sounds like some place!

  3. Quite a project they are undertaking! Good visuals ;-)

  4. Gosh, what a lovely place. I have such a picture of it.

  5. I can really visualize this English manor.

  6. LOVE your description of those two rooms. I want to go there for my next vacation!

  7. Sounds like a place I'd want to be. For them, a lovely experience, but every time I remodel a room, it's a disaster.